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The sun is the heat source for the earth. His heat evaporate the water of rivers and lakes, which will come back on earth. A couple of meters of earth separate the surface from the water below. In summer or winter this water is always at the same temperature. This heating source will always be available as long as the sun will shine. The earth under a residential house can freely provide enough energy to heat and conditions the unit. Now we need to bring this free energy to the house. To do so we get the water from a well and we extract the heating with a heatpump. A system of underearth conduct containing a liquid (antifreeze) can be buried in your yard. This liquid holds the heat from the underwater well and transfers it to the heatpump. The Heatpump keeps the heat from the liquid. The liquid passes many time in the heatpump to gather the most energy possible. If your home is near a pond or a lake , energy can be taken from that source which will then feed the geothermal system.